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Christopher Rau: Just Love Baby…

Over the past three years, Christopher Rau has etched himself deep within the genetic make up of Hamburg’s deep house scene. His determination to produce laid back grooves, steeped in mind-altering melodies has seen him release vibrant records on some of the scene’s most respected labels including Giegling, Aim, Ethereal Sounds, Hypercolor, Smallville and Pampa Records. Rau’s latest release ‘Just Love Baby…’ sees his debut US release on the Brooklyn based Thema imprint and despite the fact that Brooklyn is miles away from the coastal metropolitan of Hamburg, Rau’s music hasn’t lost any of its distinct character and refined deepness.

‘Just Love Baby…’ offers five impeccably constructed deep house tracks, each bringing something else to the table. Rau opens the EP with ‘Spring Loop’, featuring a jagged and tumultuous acid-tinged synth line, female vocal loop and a deep muffled bassline over which a sporadic kick drum weaves in and out.

‘Swearing (Vinyl Version)’ opens up incorporating some quintessential deep house samples. Classic piano stabs and slurred Jamaican lyrics makes this a deep house classic, reminiscent of Delano Smith. An undulating bass line and soulful swing gives it a distinct groove.

‘Detournement’ lowers you deeper into Rau’s mindset, a hypnotic shuffling bass line laced with bleeps is the closest thing you’ll get to Smallville in New York. ‘Rabulism’ brings out that Geigling funk we first heard in the track ‘Herbstens‘, vast pads and funk chords are laid thick across this track, more suited to sweaty basement raves. To close, Rau finishes with a digital only remix of ‘Swearing (Love Edit)’ – solid house vibes and a proper floor shaker.

These five tracks demonstrate Christopher Rau’s talent perfectly, a sharp injection, the essence of Hamburg’s deep house scene passing straight into the cagey New York metropolis bloodstream.

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