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Compound One: Pum Pum Beat/Back Off

As a label Compound One is a conceptual outlet for two producers, Charlie Fieber and Matt Campbell. Although they have both known each other since the early 90’s, both explored different production styles (Charlie lent more towards the successful drum & bass scene at the time, while Matt DJ’d and produced house and garage). Both have run their own labels during this time but around 2006, their paths crossed once again while checking out the emerging Dubstep scene.

So the studio was booked and the collaborations began. Exploring new soundscapes was exciting for them and inspired by the results, decided to start Compound One. This is the 8th release from this dynamic duo, who claim to have no definitive style, but that each track is the result of a musical experiment in the lab.

First up we have ‘Pum Pum Beat’, recently featured on the Fabric Live 52 mix by Zero T, and takes its name from the peculiar tonal qualities of the kicks and snares. ‘Pum Pum Beat’ has a delicately elaborate percussion section that keeps the listener stimulated, constructed around a heavily swung 2-step Rhythm. Detroit style stabs complete the picture by adding a sense of industrial space.

‘Back Up’ goes straight back to these producers roots, with an early UK garage inspired production. Done in true style, scatty hi-hats and rim shots on the off beat are supported by a cavernous one note bassline and infectious vocal edits.

Exclusive only to the digital release is ‘Tud Naat’ & ‘Tud Naat (Qualifide Mix)’. Rounding up the EP at around 130 Bpm, once again with fast elaborate percussion and glitched out samples, drops and layers are incorporated seamlessly. This could roll nicely in a UK funky set.

Qualifide, a solo pseudonym for Matt Campbell, has put together a 4 x 4 version of the original, stripping back the percussion slightly and emphasizing the bass to create a rolling techno vibe.