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Danuel Tate: Mexican Hotbox

For some of you Danuel Tate as a name may not mean much to you, but if I was to say Cobblestone Jazz, you’d all know exactly who I was talking about. Danuel Tate is Cobblestone Jazz’s keybordist. He already has two solo EP’s out on Matthew Johnson‘s critically accliamed Canadian label, Wagon Repair.

His debut 11 track album ‘Mexican Hotbox’ is a fine example of just how refined and complex this guy is and is literally like opening Pandora’s Box of musical genres. Each track has elements of 1930’s swing, jazz, Latino inspired guitar and 20th Century Electronica. Mexican Hotbox truly is an experiment in itself, but is an exceptional experiment.

His forward thinking take on modern jazz music, his signature vocoder and synth driven grooves are prominently stemmed throughout this entire album exposing different atmospheres and emotions from within each track.

We are also proud to offer you a peak listen into this Hotbox; we’re streaming two tracks from the album, ‘Mexican Hotbox‘ and an eight minute whirlwind of powerful melancholic brass entitled ‘Cinnamon Sugar.

All in all Mexican Hotbox is a rich full bodied album, offering a spectrum of musical styles, some tunes may not be for everyone, but that’s just how it is.

Danuel Tate’s ‘Mexican Hotbox’ is out now on Wagon Repair, go grab it now and stream this live mix of a few tracks from Mexican Hotbox..