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Elgato: Tonight/Blue

New to Hessle Audio is a 2 track 12” vinyl from Elgato. Elgato is one half of the Bruk Collective, who have been organizing dances, playing the well known underground radio station Sub.fm, and representing new music since 2006. His sets roll through garage classics mixed with early and current dubstep.

Hessle have a history of releasing forward thinking music, jumping on artists like Pangaea & James Blake before they came into the limelight, and pressing tracks like Joe’s heavily percussive yet slightly abstract ‘Claptrap’.

On the A side we have ‘Tonight’, led by staccato strings, echoed female murmers and timpani type percussion before a rising siren drops so heavily I looked around for someone screaming when heard. ‘Tonight’ builds in intensity around the same elements before breaking down to a solitary kick drum.

The B side is ‘Blue’, where simple yet wholesome elements come together, creating an almost minimal techno vibe. Whispy female vocals “my dreams, my dreams…’ and a haunting hollow bassline, are held together by 4 x 4 kicks and snare rolls. In some respects this reminds me of early DMZ tracks, the likes of Mala’s Blue Notez.

In all, slowly building productions that would slip nicely into a number of different styled DJ sets