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Don’t DJ: Gammellan

Part of the Institut Für Feinmotorik and member of the “woody trance” Durian Brothers trio, Florian Meyer first landed last year on London-based enfant terribles Berceuse Heroique with the balmy ‘Hexentrix‘. Following up to this finespun single which featured a tasty revamp from Juju & Jordash’s Jordan Czamanski on the flip, Don’t DJ now reemerges with a strong single traveling to the easternmost side of the planet.

Paying tribute to Balinese and Javanese endemic Gamelan music, Meyer here turns the traditional ensemble into a rolling orgy of dissonant metallophones tolling and banging together in a constantly hypnotic surge. Channeling a straight, no-nonsense groove into spooled tantra-like motifs, the track clearly aims for subtle precision rather than diversity – deeply enrapturing but perhaps missing an extra bit of soaring endowment to take things a little further.

On the B-side, Sex Tags and Acido affiliates Dreesvn deliver a proper fragmentation bomb to keep the ball rolling with implacable bouncy effectiveness. From beneath a permafrost of eastern music tropes rendered in proto morse code form, a loud kick pierces and tidies the whole, lighting up the path with a hell of a groove savoir-faire. Exchanging the back-pedalling movement for a pacey, forward-moving swing, it’ll fly you to the closest floor in a gentle, breezy sweep with terrific effect.

Gammellan is out now, order a vinyl copy from Juno.


A Gammellan
B Gammellan (Dreesvn Remix)

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