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Faster Action: Soki Loka

When Ron Morelli asked Interstellar Funk and Robert Bergman for a release as Faster Action, the latter felt it wasn’t the direction he wanted to explore next so he left Olf full room to express his “darker” side. In return the Rush Hour affiliate – known for his supple hybrid cosmic-techno blends, delivered a pair of weatherbeaten big room mover-and-shakers that go straight for the jugular.

The title-cut dives in medias res, overlaying baking circuits of heavy-breathing hats, subtle background percussions and sizzling synth spits whizzing like metal shards out of a droney shaft furnace. Tense as it gets, the tempo hovers and ticks like a time bomb but it’s quite impossible to figure out whether the track builds up a momentum or just slowly collapses bar after bar. One thing’s certain though: it bangs fiercely.

On ‘Disaster Crash‘, Faster Action certainly doesn’t let loose on his listeners. Blowing squally showers of hissy dregs over a heavy-churning engine in Blawan’s savagely percussive style, the track keeps tracing its all-consuming helicoid motifs imperturbably. If it offers unvarnished industrial rave material to instantly lose yourself to, ‘Soki Loka‘ also goes beyond sheer floor-functionality and shall leave a durable mark in L.I.E.S.’ modern classic catalogue.

Soki Loka is out now, order a vinyl copy from Juno.


A. Soki Loka
B. Disaster Crash

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