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Gravious: Junction City EP

New to the Saigon Records imprint is a 3 track release by Gravious, a relative veteran, and quiet storm of the Dubstep scene. Saigon are quickly gaining a reputation for signing innovative sounds in a genre that has begun to go stale from over exposure. Whilst Gravious has had a handful of releases over the last four years on influential labels like ‘Hot Flush’ and ‘High Point Low Life’, he has rarely appeared to soak up the hype. The nature of his productions point to a more harmonious understanding of the music, rather than a view to commercial success.

The new ‘Junction City EP’ points to elements of Techno, House and 2 – step, with solid studio skills and bass weight. The title track ‘Junction City’ rolls in with ascending trance synths, metallic percussion and sparkling arpeggios before dropping into 4 x 4 kicks, tight snares and pads that wash carefully over your senses. A truly dancefloor track that can be appreciated by people of very different musical persuasions.

On the B side ‘Lodestone’ gives a nod to the meditative dubs, think KromestarGoth-Trad. Skippy hi-hats, melancholy melodies, organic textures and warm sub’s are plat du jour. ‘Lunar Module’ is soaked in reverb from the get go as a walking kick snare pattern sets the pace, and playful arps engage the listener. The track is a really heady ride that, dropped at the moment, could have ravers with hands in the air, whistles and all. Saigon Records is one to watch, with the next release featuring further Dubstep / Techno crossover productions by Orphan101