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Falty DL & Jamie XX: Hip Love

Tom Kerridge‘s label, Ramp Recordings has been pushing out new electronic music for 5 years now. It all started back in 2005, when Ramp’s early offerings were primarily leftfield hip-hop from the likes of f Count Bass D and Kankick, before evolving it’s tastes. Now releasing everything from 2 -step, dubstep and house, but not in a generic fashion, Ramp is on the forefront of all these scene’s and has a back catalogue to prove it.

Ramp 42, produced by 2 – step / experimental veteran Falty DL (Planet Mu / Ramp), and remixed by Jamie of the XX, is nothing short of captivating. The title track ‘Hip Love’ drops straight in with skippy, tight percussion that on closer inspection, sounds quite low-fi. Delayed horn stabs hold your attention before the lush female vocal hook drops effortlessly across the top ‘It’s getting insane I know’… With very few elements to speak of, the track once again demonstrates Falty DL’s command of space and timing, but using them to great effect. Filter sweeps and long reverb trails imply an aura of lost love.

The B side remix by Jamie XX takes a very different vein. 4 x 4 rim shots hold the tempo, while more percussion explores the space in between. It drops into cuts of the vocal as the beats get more solid and the claps take control. Automated LFO’s on the bassline and transcending notes, give this track a swung swagger and lives up to the name, ‘Hip Love’.

All in, a great 12” I would be happy to have in my record bag. For DJ’s this might lean more towards the 2 -step and UK Funky scene, but stands out as a tremendous release from two artists at the top of their game.