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Hatti Vatti : Simple Words

Absys Records Limited, a slightly kinky pairing of Irish – Polish sensibilities, is dropping a bombshell first release, outlining its open-minded ethos to cutting edge sounds. Going to be pressed on a limited run of 300 clear vinyl it’s a concise homage to three genres riding the zeitgeist, 2- step, Footwork & Autonomic D & B, and a noble introduction to those less acquainted with Gdansk based producer ‘Hatti Vatti‘.

Sitting on a bed of warm pads, and the soothing stylings of Lady Katee, ‘Simple Things’ conveys an inviting introduction to a track that although seems sparse has all the essential ingredients required to keep you satisfied. Mellifluous vocals drenched in reverb float casually over a subtle, yet crisp 2 –step rhythm. Drawing distinct comparisons with Synkro’s 2008 release ‘Don’t Know’ and ‘Lo Dubs Recordings’ artist ‘Clubroot’, this is future garage for the heads.

Genre jumping from 2 – step to Footwork is a bold move, but ‘Palms’ is hands up [no pun intended] one of the best footwork tracks I’ve heard on this side of the Atlantic. Carefully balanced drums make it less abrasive than most the offerings you’ll find coming from Chicago artists like Traxman or DJ Rashed, but with no less impact. Dubbed out delays, soaring melodies, and frenetic drum patterns prove a powerful mix.

Rounding off the release is ASC’s ‘Palms’ remix which works the original into a minimal 170Bpm affair, retaining the original ambiance, but exercising the artists surgical accuracy for well-placed incidentals and delicate sound design. It’s a diverse EP for anyone with an expanding record collection.