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Heathered Pearls: Body Complex

Whoever is in charge of A&R at Ghostly International has done their due time; the label has certainly developed a knack for finding different, yet remarkable artists, and it’s all paying off. Part of that statement is credited to Heathered Pearls, the moniker of Jakub Alexander, the Polish born, Brooklyn resident who releases his second album “Body Complex” early this month, and what an album it is!

Without a second to waste, Jakub has produced music for deep thought… Opening with the emotive yet poignant ‘Cast In Lemon & Sand’ for those late, late night tales, when the crowds have died, and only the few remain, in what is for lack of a better term – a higher state of consciousness, you know the albums I’m talking about. From start to finish, “Body Complex” is a work of art, full of imperfections and beauty, to be digested and viewed from differing angles.

With only 10 songs, lasting under 40 minutes, it’s a short ride, yet there’s not a single track that isn’t part of the magic that fits into the bigger picture. ‘Interior Architecture Software’ is one of these stand-out moments, commanded by a deeply rooted bass, going right through the underbelly of the whole track, the warped structure is held together with mesmerising liquidity. To counter the upbeat, for times of disparity, there is profound depth and lost love in tracks ‘Holographic Lodge’ and ‘Artificial Foliage’, both managing to reach another side of reflection.

You could argue, there isn’t anything drastically brand new here, and it’s been done to a certain extent before, but it’s not manufactured like the reduced price deals of Sports Direct. As an example, the first time I heard ‘Holographic Lodge’, I was immediately taken to a place similar to The Black Dog’s “Music For Real Airports”, but that’s ‘actually’ the point and ‘why’ it works, “Body Complex” is a conscious effort to produce something more substantial than a time stamp and far from a cheap deal, more so the album can and will be revisited again and again as a whole, there isn’t a moment where you’re not taken away.

Of a whole bundle of highlights, ‘Abandoned Mall Utopia’ is stunning, it’s not without help though, Ghostly label mate Shigeto (another rather talented artist), has stepped in to whisk up a joint recipe. ‘Warm Air Estate’ and ‘Sunken Living Area’ are also exquisite delicacies in a 10 course fine-dining experience, full of moulded techno, hollowed out house and a puree of ambience, baked fresh with careful considerations for the end-listener’s aural pleasure.

Body Complex is out on Ghostly on the 7th August; fans of Gidge, Jon Hopkins, Kiasmos or even Andy Stott are more than likely going to love Heathered Pearls. Order a vinyl copy from Bleep.


1. Cast in Lemon & Sand
2. Sunken Living Area
3. Interior Architecture Software
4. Personal Kiosk feat. The Sight Below
5. Holographic Lodge
6. Abandoned Mall Utopia feat. Shigeto
7. Perfume Catalogue
8. Artificial Foliage
9. Warm Air Estate feat. Outerbridge
10. Thought Palace


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