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Inkasso: Zeichen im Schacht der verschleierten Tatsachen

"Inkasso's latest project feels right at home on Osàre! Editions
given the tone of the label’s back catalogue"

As Inkasso, Jacob Stoy and Frans Æmbient have demonstrated a penchant for the macabre side of electronic music, appearing on Kashual Plastik and contributing a track to Osàre! Editions’ ‘Il Lupo Della Steppa’ compilation.

The Berlin duo’s latest project feels right at home on Osàre! Editions given the tone of the label’s back catalogue. The Amsterdam-based imprint, piloted by Elena Colombi, has dispatched transmissions from Free Range, Thanasis Zlatanos and L.F.T. While bleak references aren’t always explicit among these releases, there’s certainly a dark undercurrent that runs throughout their collective aesthetics.

Inkasso’s brand of industrial-tinged music is hinted through the artwork for ‘Zeichen im Schacht der verschleierten Tatsachen’, depicting heavy machinery in front of an ornately decorated building. The image itself is also slightly out of focus, an unnerving visual device that further suggests the LP’s unsettling contents.

Masteralbträume’, meaning ‘Master Nightmares’ auf Deutsch, is a highlight of the release, brimming with anxiety inducing potential. The track hums with the sound of decaying equipment, its malfunctioning electronics underpinned by stark drum programming. Another standout moment is the brooding ‘Punkerviertel’, a snappy rhythmic workout, but also a masterclass in tension.

Drenched in reverb, ‘Träume aus Draht’ feels indebted to early sci-fi scoring. It’s a disorientating number with one foot in the world of sonic arts and another in the club, sentiment that pertains to the album as a whole. As much as Inkasso seem to be interested in club music, it’s clear that their imagination is piqued equally, and perhaps more-so, by creating eerie soundscapes and the dread potential of their equipment.

‘Zeichen im Schacht der verschleierten Tatsachen’ is scheduled for release 29 January via Osàre! Editions. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Land Is Dark
2. Punkerviertel
3. Schöner Hausen
4. Angewandte Dosen
5. Asso
6. Tag der Imker
7. Dichter im Dickicht
8. Träume aus Draht
9. Illegale Effektbeschaffung
10. Masteralbträume
11. Tal der vergessenen Ordner