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Isolée: Floripa EP

In recent years it has become hard to place Isolée. Based in Hamburg he has amassed a significant back catalogue and his music often tends to isolate itself in mystical solidarity.

It has been eighteen months since his previous release and in this passage of time he has spent a significant spell on the road playing live sets here, there and everywhere. There is always an element of intrigue in his music. Nothing is as you would expect: quirky and melancholic, it is quite beautiful to listen to an artist who has found a sound all of his own.

His latest offering fits perfectly into the Pampa Records catalogue alongside recent releases from the likes of label boss DJ Koze. ‘Floripa’ opens the record, an interestingly titled track that reflects the eerie blend of strings, low-end bass and pinging synths found within. It rises to and fro as musical layers weave their way in and out of prominence. This is melodic House music at it’s absolute finest, euphoric and subtly driven it reaches a climax as a highly filtered series of punchy chords flutter between kick drums. It’s a lush sound built for the morning dancers, enticing, addictive and seductive.

The second track of the EP, ‘Favouride’ carries a heavier energy. It opens with a deep rumbling hum whilst melodic percussion sets the tone before leading the way to the first kick. From here a haunting vocal swells from below as the intensity of the drums rise, it is here where the melodic design begins as new elements are added to great hypnotic effect. It’s beautifully orchestrated as arpeggios blend to create something quite powerful.

This is arguably one of the most intricately crafted records to come forth this year, a real favourite.

Floripa EP is out now, order a vinyl copy from Pampa.


A.  Floripa
B.  Favouride

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