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Auntie Flo: Theory Of Flo

Auntie Flo’s music is hard to place, it has been championed by the likes of Giles Peterson, Actress and Nicolas Jaar but there are elements within this body of work that might well see him open a door to another audience of artists and listeners.

Gonno: Remember The Life Is Beautiful

This is a gorgeous album and one that is increasingly relevant as we begin to see the links between electronic music in Europe and Asia become tighter.

Isolée: Floripa EP

This is melodic House music at it’s absolute finest, euphoric and subtly driven it reaches a climax as a highly filtered series of punchy chords flutter between kick drums. It’s a lush sound built for the morning dancers, enticing, addictive and seductive.

People Make Glasgow: General Ludd

In a city which is ultimately built upon the success of self expression, individuality and culture, Alasdair King spoke to a few of those involved in the scene who told him why Glasgow is the way it is.

STL: Simply Positive

STL offers two effective and dynamic tracks which will undoubtedly find themselves appearing in the bags of DJ’s far and wide.