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JMMF: Newmanos / Paraesthesia

For its sixth instalment, Steve Summers’ imprint Confused House returns with a solid plate of psychoactive late day jams by mysterious producer JMMF. As hazy as it gets, the two-tracker rolls from smokey grounds to sunshiny spheres with ease, driven by  a consistently dust-charged and delayed pulse that keeps the adrenaline going. Turned towards both an assumed dancefloor-friendly stance yet steadily growing into elusive analogue house reveries, the spontaneous, mind-expanding fragrance of these cuts enthrall.

Hovering over the same obsessive synth modulations and muffled echoes of percussions, the A side drapes you in one of these cottony after-party ambiences, when sun-infused daydreaming and nocturnal dancefloor hallucinations unify in one vibrant soundtrack to your blurred out nowness. The incursion of high-pitched synth spurts and resonating bells, both simple in their essence yet diffracting into a kaleidoscopic prism of FXs, all this definitely widens the original amplitude of the track in its rather straightforward evolution. Well-felt helical dub flexures keep the track dynamics from falling into potential weariness over the minutes and reshuffle the dramaturgy with full impact when needed.

If the A side doesn’t lack breadth, the B side interestingly mirrors the first. While distorted, over-textured strings keep gushing and vanishing in low-freq pits, rhythm gets slightly more bumpy. And when the constant backwash of dusty chorus ripples reaches its apex, comes the feeling that beyond this melodic one-way highway exist many gnarled paths and riveting outbacks which justify the full dedication of your ears. Around the middle of the track merges a surge of scraping, sharp-edged synth slivers which eventually achieve taking the track off to higher levels of consciousness. The hypnosis is complete.

Newmanos is out now, order a vinyl copy from Juno.


A. Newmanos
B. Paraesthesia


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