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Loosewomen: Nobody

Even though you can close your eyes and see the words “London based vinyl only imprint” flare up in fluorescent colours, there is no reason to be wearied at another label joining these ranks. Grade10 launched recently with the dreamy release from Kollaps, flagging the newbie and its affiliated artists to the attention of hefty names such as Boiler Room and Rinse FM.

With this second release from Loosewomen, it proves that there is indeed fire where there is smoke. Both ‘Nobody and ‘Slides keep with the melancholic and emotional infused vibe from the previous release. The former is easy to slip into, aping the all time classic ‘Gypsy Woman by Crystal Waters with its sad organ chords and distraught nagging vocal sample. However it is the latter that is the choice track, slipping into a low tempo Balearic groove in the same sort of vein as the Fountains Of Elisha remix of The Orb’s ‘Outlands. Dreamy pads, breathy vocals and low end sub; it drifts along like a crisp clear stream through your fingers on a hazy summer afternoon.

Classic Coke steps up on remix duty with a footwork take. Despite being the Marmite of genres, the low slung house original translates surprisingly well to a shift into the jittery waters of juke. If anything, it suggests a label that prides itself on unpredictability and adventure.

The 12 inch vinyl comes with a hand screened A2 pull out poster. Pick up a copy from Grade10’s web-store.


A. Nobody
AA. Slides
AA. Nobody (Classic Coke Remix)


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