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Luca Lozano + Mr. Ho: Visions Of Rhythm

With a title that seems directly drawn from the evangelic bible of breakbeat, ‘Visions Of Rhythm‘ makes for the third collaborative installment from Klasse Recordings Berlin via Hong Kong-based label heads Luca Lozano and Mr. Ho.

Similar in essence to its ‘Dobb Meep‘ and ‘Drip Box‘ predecessors, this new three-tracker goes straight for the jugular, dishing out a playful shifting of spacious harmonics and skittish drumwork gone wild. The pair may serve up a rather classic blend with their tried and tested jungle-y patterns, quickfire hat rides and tempo-regulating snares, they certainly show quite an unmatched polyvalence when it comes to balancing feisty floor-readiness with excursive synth circuits.

An ever-tasteful groove polyamory mixed with old-school-laced broken-beat galore that’s become the trademark of the duo, blooming in full on the harp-laden ‘2 Wangs In A Room‘. The hip-hop friendly beat and airy fantasy then burst out into agleam fractals of mirror-like shards, hugging the bend to better snipe a hail of sizzling bass moves and get straight back into club-dedicated mode. Like ‘Signalrød‘ in reverse flow- one to heat up the most frosty floors.

The climax build-up is a science these two are perfectly familiar with. If the pot-fueled opener ‘Kush Groove‘ feels like the exact translation of a druggy joint between friends – fiddling with machines whilst philosophizing about Terrence McKenna’s last book, the track’s smokey veil finally dissipates as the effects of THC decrease, eventually offering a more straightforward last stretch equally pleasant to get lost in.

A slowed-down 2-step rhythm runs through the veins of the title track, drawing its own trajectory out of the ’90s UK classics crate. Sprinkling sensuous vibey female vocals over sinusoidal synth ellipses cropping up from beneath and swooping back under, it’s the simple obsessive drumming that carries the propulsive motion. A fine marriage of club impact and sophisticated tune-making that seems to just effortlessly add up to Klasse Recordings’ first-class catalogue, even though we all know this level of excellence is nothing simple to achieve.

Visions Of Rhythm is out now, order a vinyl copy via Bandcamp.

  • Download Luca Lozano’s podcast recorded for Inverted Audio (2016).


A. Kush Groove
B1. Visions Of Rhythm
B2. 2 Wangs In A Room

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