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Marsesura: Barry Hats / Sandra Breaks

When we associate the terms music and Indonesia, the first thing that comes to our skimpy westerners’ minds is undoubtedly Gamelan. To those still unaware of this traditional type of music particularly popular in Bali and Java, it is a genre characterised by the use of metallic percussions collectively referred as metallophones and bearing a sense of sanctity as it makes for an integral part of ceremonies and rituals but also accompanies dancing and puppet performances.

Hailing from the luxuriant Jakarta, DIVISI 62 is a new project helmed by local producer Wahono, half of the Marsesura duo responsible for the EP we’ll be focusing on today. Following the label’s line of “blurring the long lineage of musical idioms in the process“, their new single ‘Barry Hats/Sandra Breaks‘ sees the pair bridging remote sound polarities, delving from the Asian continent’s colourful instrumental richness to the US twin cities’ profuse legacy with equal poise.

Fusing heavy-sampled house with elements of Indonesian folk – varied woodblocks, finely-textured chimes… – Marsesura break things in with a Janus-faced opener. ‘Barry Hats‘ starts as a stripped-back, binary organic jam, entwining an increasing number of drum tracks to lose you in a maze of extra-sensory echoes, before eventually drifting towards a more mellifluous and brittle melodic sequence a la Bibio in its last stretch.

Highlighting the duo’s talent for marrying intricate percussive motifs with a clear-toned, uncluttered melodic line, ‘Sandra Breaks‘ is an enticing compound of jazz-infused double bass riffs, sliced-and-diced vocals and supple UK-bass breaks showering across a thick haze of smokey dive atmospherics. The result is as compelling on the first hearing as it invites to press the repeat button in search for the subtle details your ears may have skipped the first time round… and heaven knows there’s plenty to dig up. Keep your eyes peeled for more from this very promising label.

Barry Hats/Sandra Breaks is out now, buy it on Bandcamp.


1. Barry Hats
2. Sandra Breaks

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