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Perko: Prang / Sisu

"Prang / Sisu offers up an immersive sonic realm inhabited by
skittering club rhythms and spectral ambient beamed in from the ether"

Whether you love or lament the continual rise of streaming services and social media, there’s no denying that said platforms afford producers the ability to get new material to their fans quickly.

When an artist creates music under a different alias or flirts with a different genre, there’s no need for scouring record shops or fan forums. If they create something outside of their usual sound, they can self-release for free or hop to a different label and share the news on their socials.

Consider Scottish-born, Copenhagen-based producer Perko. His latest two-tracker, ‘Prang / Sisu’ on Numbers, offers a literal yin and yang of club friendly atmospherics and chill out vibes. The 12-inch release sees Perko collaborating with Huerco S. on the A-side, and Cucina Povera on the B-side.

Prang” is an absolute blast from start to finish. Pieced together when Perko and Huerco S. performed in Iceland in 2022, this is arguably the hardest hitting track in which Brian Leeds has been involved. You would be forgiven for assuming before listening that this collaboration consists of either amorphous ambient or experimental sounds heard from Huerco or Leeds’ other project, Pendant. Instead, it’s a laser sharp, electro-leaning affair with traces of the narcotic, foggy house Huerco S. dished out on earlier releases.

The B-side collaboration with Cucina Povera, “Sisu,” is an insular, floaty ambient track. It may feel like an abrupt change from the higher energy first side, but Povera’s contribution elevates “Sisu” beyond mere “chill out” music. At four and a half minutes, the hypnotic aura pulls you in with Povera’s vocals, haunting synth loops, and a vibe that feels like it could stretch into infinity and it would be compelling the entire time.

Contained within a tight ten and a half minutes, ‘Prang / Sisu’ offers up an immersive sonic realm inhabited by skittering club rhythms and spectral ambient beamed in from the ether. A highlight for all involved, this is an excellent release that effortlessly and deftly navigates two distinct electronic realms.

‘Prang / Sisu’ is scheduled fore release on 12 May via Numbers. Order a vinyl copy from Inverted Audio Store.


A. Prang feat. Huerco S.
B. Sisu feat. Cucina Povera