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Roman Flügel: Monday Brain

Having seen a resurgence in ethereal cords within electronic music across heaped and glazed dance-floors, the borderlines of house, acid, techno and everything in-between are invariably becoming thinner and revisited, not just in full-length releases… producers are now brazenly switching up tracks more than an ADHD saddled kid searching for their Ritalin.

Sometimes this goes awkwardly wrong like the mixing of your local ‘Yates’s DJ’, and on the flip, it can be a master-class in genres and tempos. Those walking the latter tightrope are the likes of Krystal Klear and Roman Flügel, but they’re always few and far between – unlike those ‘silent Christian street preachers’ standing on corners, do you want a pamphlet on ‘5 reasons God can help you with stress’?


Since last year’s “Happiness is Happening” LP and this year’s “Sliced Africa” EP, both released on Dial, Roman Flügel has been a little more selective with his releases… producing quality over quantity, and with his tracks in favourable DJ’s record bags, Roman’s position is one of influence. Moving briefly away from his co-founded imprints and regulars like Dial, for a glossy new release on Hypercolour.

That’s two names that are instantaneously set up for bold moves, the result of which is a 12” double vinyl – “Monday Brain“, and Inverted Audio have an exclusive premiere of ‘Church of Dork‘, just for you.

Music lovers will indulge and gorge upon the six tracks of the release, whether it’s the drifting melancholy of ‘Teenage Engineering’, the heavy acid flows of ‘Church of Dork’, or the numbingly beautiful ‘Picnic for Players’, there are some stellar moments throughout.


If you’re after subtler pieces, ‘Make it Happen’ will be right up your street, there are tinges of old school electro mixed with some new school punch lines, but it maintains an ambience and warmth not unlike other Hypercolour luminaries, which makes ‘Monday Brain’ a fitting addition to both artist and label, and will pick up foreseeable steam considering its tracks are already been snuck into mixes all over the shop… TRACK ID ANYONE?????

Stand out tracks include ‘Picnic for Players’ and ‘Teenage Engineering’, so if you’re a fan of Roman’s music, the Hypercolour catalogue or the stuff on imprints like Kompakt you’ll want to pick this up, out 23rd October.

Monday Brain is scheduled for release on 23 October. Order a vinyl copy from Hypercolour.


1. Teenage Engineering
2. Make It Happen
3. Man Sees The Face, God Sees The Heart
4. Church Of Dork
5. Picnic For Players
6. Vegetarian Leather Jackets

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