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Viktor Birgiss: Hverfum Um Stund EP

Lagaffe Tales have been having an impressive 2015 so far, the fresh faced, Icelandic deep house record label, are relatively new to the game and have been flying under the radar, but with releases like COEO’s ‘Closer EP’ they’re proving they have an ear to the streets… or the snow, or whatever.

Their latest release is label head honcho – Viktor Birgiss’s own effort, with the quite a mouthful if you’re not Icelandic ‘Hverfum Um Stund EP’ – care to give it a whirl? Either way, he brings 5 well crafted tracks to the table; each is crammed with goodness from start to finish.

The title track of the same name kicks it all off, ‘Hverfum Um Stund’ is a curious case of a simple and uplifting melody, with beautifully jazzy horns and flatline drums seeing the track through to the sweet end, at 8 minutes and it’s a little bit indulgent, but still enjoyable.

Spend The Night’ follows the same potion mix, the equation of house with a lost little vocal that’s resoundingly hypnotic, reminiscing of a lover to just spend one more night… Did they? To be fair, the track is really subtle, in fact the whole release is, but that fits in tune with what Lagaffe Tales have in mind for Reykjavík and beyond, swash house for everyone.

Memory Loops’ is kind of like the hangover, waking you up with its snares, how did it all happen? What a night – it all starts again however, when ‘Komdu Til Min’ bumps in, rather like the friend that passes you another drink… delicate, outstretched, but you still take it. Damn that retch! The latter is one of the standout tracks of the EP though, still fitting in the same box that Viktor wants it to, crafted deep house filled with loops and dreaminess.

The EP ends on ‘Is It Eternal’, a surrounding finale of lofty house, beaten up old strings and steady rhythm… this is the knockout! This is where that box of Viktor’s production is all neat and proper, using the right parts in the right places and everything works really well, perfect for the summer season.

Hverfum Um Stund EP is released on the 4th June 2015 via Lagaffe Tales.


1. Hverfum Um Stund
2. Spend The Night
3. Memory Loops
4. Komdu Til Min
5. Is It Eternal


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