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Walls: Gaberdine Remixe

As Walls get ready to go into the studio to begin writing their 2011 follow up full length, Kompakt present the final EP from their album ‘Walls‘, “Gaberdine”.

A total of five glorious remixes that fully redefine the single in different ranges. Bruno Ellingham aka Infant was on-board engineering the last Delphic album and its obvious his skills at making a dance tune are there with this great trance fused roller. Border Community’s Nathan Fake couldn’t be a better choice for Walls remix duty and he outshines with two remixes – a gorgeous ambient mix and a throbbing techno jam that are essential for any fan of either act.

Shuffle Truffle is longstanding Cologne DJ’s Marc Lansley and Shumi. Together they have come up with a lovely deep-chorded dance mix that is sure to be a crowd favorite. Radiant Dragon have been all over the net of late and for finish the EP off in fine form with a stellar cosmic take on the original. This is an epic EP make sure you grab it.