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Waxwood: Sahasrara

Brooklyn based label, Styles Upon Styles, deliver a second offering in their Memory Foam cassette series with fellow Brooklyn-ite and mystery producer Waxwood on musical duty.

Long form composition, especially on the contemplative, meditative tip, has always gone down well around these parts and opening track “Sahasrara” is no exception and definite highlight of this three track EP.

Combining field recordings with demure electronics, vocal chanting and gentle tribal percussion, it paces a slow developing journey before anchoring things with a subdued 4 / 4. Despite multiple listens you will still look forward to exploring the drawn out subtleties here.

Tranquil Vessel” continues the theme and pitches sounds of rainfall across evolving guitars allowing everything to fall into a relatively coherent arrangement in the latter quarter of the track. Finally, “Spring Line” appears a touch more folky camp fire, inhabiting a slightly different space by marrying strings with acoustic guitar. All round fine sounds for windswept landscapes and late nights.

Head across to the Styles Upon Styles Bandcamp to order on cassette or digital.


1. Sahasrara
2. Tranquil Vessel
3. Spring Line


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