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Up this week in our podcast series, NY-based producer Bergsonist delivers a vibrant mix of wide-sweeping electronics, lushly forested by her all-consuming appetite for all types of music; melodic and harsh, groovy and gloom-mongering, happy and anxiogenic.

Gut Nose

Fresh off the release of his excellent third instalment on Brooklyn’s finest Styles Upon Styles, New York-based beatsmith Gut Nose graced us with a short yet intense 30-min inner-city safari, fully recorded via his beloved MPC.

Waxwood: Sahasrara

Brooklyn based label, Styles Upon Styles, deliver a second offering in their Memory Foam cassette series with fellow Brooklyn-ite and mystery producer Waxwood on musical duty.

Gut Nose: Filthy City

**EXCLUSIVE ALBUM STREAM** – Gut Nose’s work captures the spirit of yesteryear with far more authentic accomplishment than the Roland fawning wannabes.