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Best Available Technology and Ovis Aurum line up debut BOA album on Styles Upon Styles

Following the release of a bass heavy 12″ in January with Mosca on remix duty, BOA mark their return to Styles Upon Styles in March with the release of their debut experimental album ‘Outer Gateways‘.

BOA is a collaboration between Best Available Technology and Ovis Aurum and their debut album is a fusion of gritty atmospheres, cutting electronics, and distorted drum machines. The album is said to have been made remotely by the two best friends of over twenty years on an overwhelming assortment of gnarly hardware and deals with themes of inequality, destruction, and environmental degradation.

“It’s dark, noisy and powerful but at the same time, there is an underlying sense of melancholia to the recordings, undoubtedly a result of the increasingly pessimistic outlook that faces the natural world.”

Friends for over 20 years, the album was recorded remotely on an arsenal of assorted hardware, with Best Available Technology sending sketches to Ovis Aurum, and Aurum twisting the audio into eight cinematic arrangements filled with penetrating electronics, rough atmospherics, and menacing half-time beats.

‘Outer Gateways’ is scheduled for release 20 March in gold ink screen-printed on black jackets. Edition of 100. Pressed at Burlington in the USA. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. CMirror
2. Hierarchies
3. Mar Jaguar
4. Catachrome
5. Yavapai
6. Inefficient Signals
7. Ungarland
8. 888

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