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Watch Brendon Moeller, Clay Wilson & Certain Creatures ‘Spectrum 3’ – Directed by Devon Hansen

The three-headed hydra made up of Brendon Moeller, Certain Creatures & Clay Wilson aka BM/CC/CW is releasing its debut EP on Styles Upon Styles this month. Taking its roots into their recent live experience at Brooklyn’s party Industry of the Machines, this reunion makes for an interesting confluence of quite diverse sonic entities, blending together Moeller’s dub-drenched techno with former Bangers And Ash affiliated Clay Wilson and Oliver Chapoy very own sounds.

To accompany the rather radical 4/4 stomper ‘Spectrum 3‘, Devon Hansen directed this excellent video which you can stream below. Unfolding a sustained string of geometrical shapes and blurry lines in black and white frenzy before blooming into a kaleidoscopic orgy of chromatic flares, that little piece of work will most certainly have you clicking the repeat button in a row. One more well-rounded affair from the Styles Upon Styles guys, don’t sleep on this.

BM/CC/CW ‘Spectrum’ is released on the 3rd November 2014 on vinyl and digital formats.



1. Spectrum 1
2. Spectrum 2
3. Spectrum 3

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