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Vereker’s Endangered Species announce Renoir 7″

Oliver Vereker’s outlet Endangered Species is about to launch its debut release, a single from Renoir aka Vereker himself and newcomer Skander, that should see the light of the day on November 11th.

Both producers recently released music on Delroy Edward‘s imprint L.A. Club Resource and that Renoir collaborative entity feels like the ideal meeting-point to give vent to their darkest inspirations on a label Vereker definitely set up as a hardcore-only, noisey den.

That first single put out by the duo results in a three track platter of a brutal, gut-melting blend of reinterpretations of hard-kicking material Vereker originally recorded back in 2007, including a rework of dronologists Zoviet France, and boundary-pushing hardware experimentations.

Further plans have already been revealed and the label’s release schedule includes an opus from Vereker himself under his Restraint moniker, a Skander EP and Renoir full-length debut, planned for release some time in 2015.



01. Maiden
02. Concrete
03. Broken Tongue

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