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Tropics announce ‘Rapture’ for Innovative Leisure – Stream new single ‘Blame’

Ahead of their intimate live show tonight at Shoreditch House for Inverted Audio, Tropics aka Chris Ward, has announced his new album ‘Rapture‘ to be released through the LA based record label Innovative Leisure in February 2015.

Opening track ‘Blame‘ demonstrates Ward’s fragile vocals, eschewing a regretful tale of a breakup. Against a wilting synth backdrop, he begs the subject of his affections to “blame me for all of this, just come back home”.

A multi-instrumentalist from an early age, Ward has always drawn on his musical upbringing when composing. For Rapture, he pushed himself to develop a fuller sound than ever, with songs beginning life on his piano before being fully realised in the studio. Taking influence from Peter Gabriel, Max Roach and Arthur Russell, Tropics has crafted an album that fuses his love of avant-garde percussion, the pop-leaning hooks of classic 70s and 80s singer-songwriters, and ambient music.

Rapture is released on Innovative Leisure on 16th February 2015. Tropics plays at Servants Jazz Quarters, London on 3rd December 2014. Pre-order the album on iTunes.



1. Blame
2. Hunger
3. Indigo
4. Kwiat
5. Rapture
6. Perfume Kinship
7. Torrents of Spring
8. Home & Consonance
9. Gloria
10. House of Leaves
11. Not Enough

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