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Premiere: Gut Nose ‘Ten 18’

New York’s unholiest greasy-house nailer Gut Nose gets back into the zone with a lumpy 5-track meal bursting with abrasive lo-freq melters and noxious hyper-filtered syncopation. The aptly-titled ‘Escape The Matrix‘ is set for delivery on January 22nd via Styles Upon Styles.

The first extract off the droney saucer is the raw ‘Ten 18‘, a driving cut melding elephantine 4/4 kicks, post-apocalyptic disco-isms and a feral drumwork rising from the crappiest audio cesspits. As filthy as it gets, the rough-hewn floor breaker gives few rest to its dancing victims. One for all the harsh house, hard-boiled experimental techno heads out there.

Escape The Matrix is scheduled for release on 22nd January 2016, order a copy from Boomkat.


1. Moon Lasers
2. Drifting To Parts Unknown
3. Ten 18
4. Enjoy Thy Flesh
5. Crafty Gambit [Digital Only]

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