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Roméo Poirier announces ‘Living Room’ LP, featuring Jan Jelinek

Following previous releases on Kit Records and Sferic, French producer Roméo Poirier lands on faitiche in October with the forthcoming release of his third album, with Jan Jelinek on remix duty.

Spanning 12 solo tracks and 2 remixes, ‘Living Room‘ is an almost perfect match for listeners that felt comfort with the glitchy jazz compositions that featured on Jelinek’s seminal albums, ‘La Nouvelle Pauvreté‘ (2003), ‘1+3+1‘ (2003) and ‘Tierbeobachtungen‘ (2006).

Originally a drummer, Roméo Poirier’s music draws on his ever-expanding archive of self-recorded loops: “I always resample myself, using fragments of a track to make a new one, as an ongoing process. The sound is evolving with me in parallel and the loops carry in their DNA all transformational stages, filled with previous tracks, sedimented.”

As stated in the press release “Living Room utilises a collection of samples assembled by his father (an adventurous musician in his own right), among which are many featuring the human voice – a first in Poirier’s discography. But his use of them emphasises ambiguity and texture, rather than any sort of narrative signifier.”

‘Living Room’ LP is scheduled for release 7 October via faitiche. Order a copy from Bandcamp


1. Statuario
2. Neos Kosmos
3. Bespoke
4. Porte contre
5. Anna
6. Muscle de sable
7. Rotation séance
8. Le case degli altri
9. Visiona
10. Impression couleurs
11. Les grandes lignes
12. Superstudio
13. Muscle de sable – Jan Jelinek Remix
14. Muscle de sable – Jan Jelinek Remix (remixed by Roméo Poirier)