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Scott Young up next on OOH-sounds with ‘Post Peace’

Hong Kong-based producer Scott Young steps up next on Italian imprint OOH-sounds with ‘Post Peace‘, a three-track extended player of abstract and experimental sound explorations.

Featuring artwork and a forthcoming film by video artist Rebecca Salvadori, Scott Young’s music is “an attempt to unlearn certain ‘normalised’ approaches to sound, representing a jolt to the system, a wild construction of invention and misdirection, one that reconnects us with the value of disarrangement. The non-hierarchical layering of sound and image on ‘Post Peace’ defies linearity and rationality.”

‘Post Peace’ is scheduled for release 25 June via OOH-sounds. Order a copy from Bandcamp.

Photo by Henerico Rossi


1. Tuck [w/ Joe Beedles]
2. Playing God
3. Post Peace