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Premiere: Body San – Omni Fabrics

Rhode Island record label Noumenal Loom prepare to release the next album from Body San, ‘Reborn While Shopping’, an eight-track tape expanding on the producer’s woozy summertime sound.

With previous releases out on the likes of 100% Silk and 1080p, those familiar with the warm vibrations these US labels are known for will be well-prepped for the kinds of frequencies the Portland-based artist conjures for his latest Noumenal Looms: summertime cruising is the name of the game here, the kind of electronica that conjures thoughts of drifting through cool oceanside forests on a warm day.

Shunting itself along at a slow pace, Body San’s sound here feels quietly euphoric, splashes of sunshine gently gathered into friendly sounds for your day-about-town, with three out of the eight offerings elevated even further by wondrous muted sax from David Lackner.

Omni Fabrics‘ strikes as a highlight as it closes the tape, digital marimba sounds beating out an addictive rhythmic patter on top of throwback ambient pads that soothe the soul, drawing comparison to the kind of restorative music we love from other West Coast favourites such as Khotin’s offerings on Ghostly International. Gone all-too-soon, ‘Omni Fabrics’ is a burst of sunshine to an overcast day, the cherry on top of a bright and clear one.

‘Reborn While Shopping’ is scheduled for release 27 May via Noumenal Looms. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Reborn While Shopping
2. No Drip
3. Parallels
4. Last Breath
5. Late Night Host
6. Journey
7. PM Credit
8. Omni Fabrics