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Premiere: Ex-Official – Hypervigil

Together as Ex-Official, New York producers Matthew Walker and Jacob Becker prepare to self-release a new single on their self-titled label.

The label, an outlet for the duo to release their own material, drip-feeds their studio concoctions with several months space between, single by single bringing more of their music into the world, across a variety of genres. This latest, ‘Hypervigil‘, is a smokey house/techno hybrid, deft drums and glinting synths delicately paired together.

Summoning memories of Barker’s outstanding ‘Utility‘ LP and prior ‘Debiasing‘ EP on Ostgut-Ton in 2019, the core of the track is held in anti-gravity, a lightness that stands as a refreshing contrast to pounding and dark club tracks. The rhythm is stuttering yet confident, not tentative and not filled with a boorish self confidence.

Percussion, whilst generously used, doesn’t overwhelm the balance, instead allowing the track’s core elements to shine through across the runtime, granting ‘Hypervigil‘ a near-weightlessness whilst still providing necessary drive.

‘Hypervigil’ is scheduled for release 21 May via Ex-Official. Order a copy from Bandcamp


1. Hypervigil