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Shifted announces diptych EP ‘Arrangements in Monochrome’

Although Guy Brewer’s kept himself busy in the meanwhile – releasing the excellent Crescent Shaped Scars as Covered In Sand and another record as Relay – a year flew since the man released his last record as Shifted, the brilliant “Under A Single Banner for Bed Of Nails” and most certainly one of the best techno albums of 2013.

Fellow hard-hitting, drenched in shadows techno lovers can rejoice, the man is back with ‘Arrangements in Monochrome’, a diptych EP scheduled for release on December 1st via his own Avian outlet. A follow-up to Brewer’s second LP written in his “new studio setup in Berlin in spring of 2014” of which the producer gave an interesting insight to RA:

“I almost view these works as an addendum to last year’s Under A Single Banner LP. I was very happy with that record but always felt that perhaps there were some things left unsaid. The technical process involved this time around was quite different, but it shares a lot of the same colours and textures.”


Part 1:
A1 You’re A Replacement
A2 Arrangement In Monochrome I
B1 6ft Of Silence
B2 The Velvet Rope

Part 2:
A1 The Incoherent
A2 Arrangement In Monochrome II
A3 Second Wash
B1 Entartung
B2 Lénine

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