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Shinichi Atobe drops sixth album ‘Love Of Plastic’ on DDS

Japanese producer Shinichi Atobe has released his sixth long player on Demdike Stare’s DDS (Distort Decay Sustain) imprint – serving up 9 tracks of deep house, dub techno and syncopated electronics.

Since 2014, Japanese-based producer Shinichi Atobe has released all of his albums exclusively through DDS, an intriguing release schedule given the fact that the artist had not released any material since first appearing on Chain Reaction 13 years beforehand with his legendary ‘Ship-Scope‘ EP. Highlights from his latest album include ‘Love Of Plastic 5‘, ‘Loop 6‘ and ‘Severina‘.

‘Love Of Plastic’ LP is out now on DDS. Order a copy from Boomkat.


1. Intro
2. Love Of Plastic 1
3. Love Of Plastic 5
4. Love Of Plastic 8
5. Beyond The Pale
6. Loop 6
7. Love Of Plastic 6
8. Ocean 2
9. Severina