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Premiere: Energy Boyz – Energizer

Canadian producers Garneau and Destrata have joined forces for a new project called Energy Boyz. Starting out as DJ duo, more recently, Energy Boyz has become an outlet for their own collaborative productions.

Packed with full-throttle energy and tongue-in-cheek attitude, their debut EP lands on Helsinki’s Top Billin Music. The four tracks on ‘Energize’ are all cut from the same cloth, drawing on Garneau and Destrata’s shared love of breakbeats, electro and low-end frequencies.

Our pick from the release is ‘Energizer’. A fine synthesis of the pair’s mutual music interests, it marries thunderous bass, chopped breaks and vocals soaked in cavernous reverb. It’s the kind of track that sounds like it’s destined for a warehouse party.

‘Energize’ is scheduled for release 21 January via Top Billin Music. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Ray Of Light
2. Energizer
3. Heat Exchanger
4. Five Oh feat. DJ Fuckoff