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Solomon Fesshaye signs to Ghostly International, releases ‘Star City / Save Our Place’

Following previous productions as Moons, Atlanta-based producer Patrick Canaday has signed to Ghostly International to release his latest incarnation as Solomon Fesshaye.

Star City‘ marks the producers inaugural 2-track release on Ghostly, alongside a spellbinding music video co-directed by Fesshaye and Jango Godette. Peppered with murmured vocals and a steel drum synth pattern, Fesshaye fosters a promising debut for the American label.

“The music video (“an attempt at a neo-John Hughes montage combined with a hypnotic representation of New York’s new youth”), shows two of his dear friends, Naomi and Paul, floating through New York on their skateboards. They are seemingly alone in the city, as the scenes of a locked-down 2020 Midtown surround; their attention suspends on the singular action, gently hinting at a pure and innocent love.”

‘Star City / Save Our Place’ is out now via Ghostly International. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Star City
2. Save Our Place
3. Star City (Radio Edit)