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Solstice Festival announce lineup for ambient, downtempo and experimental stage

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Taking place in Finland between 18-20 June 2020, Solstice Festival have revealed the first wave of artists to perform at the ‘Tent‘, an intimate stage dedicated to the realms of ambient, downtempo and experimental music.

Following performances at the ‘Peak‘ stage in 2019, Mama Snake and D. Tiffany make their return to Solstice, this time presenting an extended back-to-back ambient mega mix. DJ Rubio also makes a comeback in a very different form ‘djrubio & the heartbreakers’ – vastly different to his pummelling live set, this time revellers can expect emotional guitar music for healing shattered headspace.

Legendary Finnish virtuoso and Sähkö artist Jimi Tenor also joins Solstice to dazzle and baffle with a totally unique live set. Meanwhile fellow Finnish outfit, Black Metal Raccoons are set to present something along the lines of “hypnotic leather glove ambient“.

Packed with a zither, synths, effects and a mic, the multi-talent Ringa Manner will deliver an organic collage of sound to forget yourself into, while fem-pop favourite New Ro’s Kosmos project sees her stepping towards ethereal art-pop.

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