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Nachtdigital Mint

After 21 years of hard graft and non-stop determination, 2019 marked the final edition of Nachtdigital – a festival founded in 1998 by Leo and Michel, together with a consortium of likeminded friends, with the sole aim of nurturing one of the most intimate and creative electronic music festivals in Europe.

Each edition of Nachtdigital welcomed an array of local and international artists and revellers to the sleepy bungalow village of Olganitz, a traditional German camping site set amongst the rolling hills of Saxony.

An overbearing sense of DIY and personal detail is deeply rooted in the festival – from hand made decorations, sculptures and structures to the non disclosure of set times and procession that leads hundreds of ravers through Olganitz.

Nachtdigital invited all of those involved to strip down, let loose and unleash a myriad of warmth, joviality and ecstatic vibes. If you’ve attended in the past, you’ll know just how infectious Nachtdigital’s charm is.

Having reviewed Nachtdigital Flex in 2018, we attended Nachtdigital Mint to visually capture moments from the last ever edition of the festival. It goes without saying that there were an abundance of stellar performances from the likes of Shed, Powder, Helena Hauff, Atom TM & Tobias, Gerd Jansen, Robag Wruhme, Wata Igarashi, Ossia, Rachel Lyn, Sa Pa, Steffen Bennemann and many more – but for those of you that attended, you already know that.

Lastly we’d like to personally extend a huge thank you to the team behind Nachtdigital – the effort that you have each invested into the festival is simply awe inspiring – now it’s time for you to to rest up and reflect on what you have created.

Photography by Tom Durston

Discover more about Nachtdigital on Inverted Audio.

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