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St John Sessions: Laurel Halo, Demdike Stare, Shackleton, Volte-Face

On Thursday 19th June  present one of their most anticipated shows of the year featuring live performances from ,  and .

The evening promises a varied selection of dark-hued electronics. Following the release of her album ‘Chance of Rain’ via  in 2013  has carved out a strange and compelling home for herself as a jewel in the crown of the Hyperdub empire. Effortlessly diverse, her live shows are a treat for ears, sure to feature anything from crushing beats to oneiric live synth, soaring vocals to mind-bending drones.

 have so far produced a trio of albums (Symbiosis, Tryptych and Elemental) loosely themed around the occult and the rich heritage of Library music, while a number of intriguing mixtapes released over the last couple of years have indicated that the project is headed in new and unexpected directions.

Since establishing his ! imprint in 2010, ‘s output has become considerably more colourful. This is especially evident in his massive Music for the Quiet Hour / The Drawbar Organ triple LP, in which he infuses bright organ tones into his longstanding brand of mystical minimal techno, replete with incessant polyrhythms, cavernous sound design, and vocal manipulation reminiscent of the early phasing experiments of Steve Reich.

DJ support on the night comes from London based producer Volte-Face, who’s also behind the excellent BleeD event series. For a glimmer of what to expect on the night we suggest you watch Laurel Halo and Demdike Stare on Boiler Room.


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