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Sula Bay: Odabo EP

Sula Bay has shared a collection of music that throws us deep into the mind of a 19 year-old girl living in London. With a passion for experimentation and the overt desire to express through sound, Sula’s music contains poetic mutterings of past and present experiences, coupled with purposefully disorientated synths.

“I’ve always felt I was on the outside looking in. This EP is pretty much a sonic diary of my mind state from the past year”

The EP presents Sula’s unique style, often minimalistic in style enabling her to convey a message through lyrics.

“The incorporation of the drowning layered vocals were placed to enforce to chaotic-ness of that current time frame of my life”

Sula takes influence away from usual contemporary artists, instead taking inspiration from composers such as America film composer Thomas Newman and Alain Gorauger, a French jazz pianist and composer perhaps best known for his work on the animated cult classic Fantastic Planet.

“The sound is better grasped once a listener allows themselves to visualise what it’s like to be confused, happy, heartbroken and in love as corny as it sounds”

You can download the album for free via Bandcamp. Stream ‘Four Pm Ft Ben Yuddha‘ via Soundcloud.


1. Oroko Silver Ni
2. Four Pm Ft Ben Yuddha
3. Break Of Mind
4. _Whisper
5. Basic Error
6. Static_Noises
7. Trigger_
8. One Month Credits
9. Ekaro_