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Surgeon announces ‘Raw Trax’ on Dynamic Tension

Today Surgeon, real name Anthony Child, announced the release of a two-part vinyl release named ‘Raw Trax’, to be released via his own Dynamic Tension imprint at the end of May 2019.

“Created as an experiment to play at the Amsterdam Dance Event in 2018, Raw Trax is a return to the pure essence of techno. Recorded live in the studio using only a PIN Electronics Portabella synthesiser and a Roland TR-909 drum machine direct to DAT tape. Road tested for months in Surgeon’s DJ sets these tracks have a huge impact on the dancefloor. Pure and Honest Raw Trax.”

‘Raw Trax Part 1 + 2’ is scheduled for release in vinyl format on 31st May 2019. order a copy from Boomkat.


1. Raw Trax 2
2. Raw Trax 4
3. Raw Trax 3
4. Raw Trax 10
5. Raw Trax 5
6. Raw Trax 7
7. Raw Trax 6

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