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T.Williams delivers a blissful mix for Newtype Rhythms

This week’s episode for our sister mix series Newtype Rhythms comes from the UK’s most venerable house producers of the modern era – the unparalleled T.Williams.

Already amassing a legendary catalog of releases from his early days on labels such as Deep Teknologi, Enchufada, Local Action and Ramp Recordings off-shoot PTN – T.Williams has found firm footing within the nuzzling grooves of house and garage, comfortably making memorable tracks for the iconic Madhouse and Strictly Rhythms imprints.

Adding onto all that is the work that is done for his own Today, Tomorrow Records imprint – a label that’s been going strong for over seven years now, most recently outputting a new Williams’ two-tracker entitled “Tell Me” that was released just a few weeks back.

To have someone as adaptable and smooth of an artist such as T.Williams contribute a mix to our sister series is wild, but the fact that he pumped out a massive 85-minute guest mix for Newtype Rhythms is something to behold. All that to say, it’s a must-listen episode and it’s time to dive into the bliss that you can’t miss – his mix starts at 40 minutes in, with resident Sheepshead warming things up per usual.


00:00 – 40:18 – mixed by Sheepshead

1. D.Dan – Blue In Yellow
2. Drum Thing – Perc It
3. Funkystepz – Vybz Kartel
4. Tom Blip – Kickdrums!!!
5. KG – Obsession
6. Hot City – Sweat
7. Peverelist – Grit
8. Call Super – Cherry Drops
9. Martyn – Angels
10. Bakongo – Grind
11. QRTR – Snowfall (Justin Martin Remix)
12. Blawan – 6 To 6 Lick

40:36 – END – mixed by T.Williams

1. Underground Solution – Release The Pressure
2. T.Williams – Raw Chill
3. High on Hope – Sounds like a Groove
4. T.Williams – Pressure Zero
5. Tristan de Cunha – Hit Up On This
6. Adryiano – Non Stop
7. T.Williams – Tell Me
8. T.Williams – You’re The Reason
9. Restless Soul ft Shea Soul – Tricks
10. Anthill Mob – All About The Groove
11. Dot To Dot – Jack Morris
12. T.Williams & Roska – Free Not
13. Djedjotoronic – Walk With Me
14. John Romen – Petrified
15. Sebastian Gummersbach – Some Underground Shit
16. Perempay & Dee – Hypnotic
17. J.Bevin – Jack Iron
18. Totured Soul – I might do Something Wrong (Osunlade Lonely Mix)
19. T.Williams & Julio Bashmore – Porta Time (Conch Mix)
20. T.Williams, James Jacob & Keli Leigh – Remedy (Alex Phountzi Remix)
21. T.Williams & J.Bevin – Untitled
22. Brasstooth – Pleasure (House Remix)
23. Frankie Feliciano – No Maybe