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Premiere: Kareem El Morr – How to Bring Down Your Government (Rakim’s Stay At Home Mix)

RFR Records bring fellow dweller of Munich Kareem El Morr onboard for a tough three-tracker for the floor with his ‘Super Illegal‘ Revolution Trax EP — making anti-establishment music ravey acid again since 2022.

While the first cut summons memories of rugged Detroit-influenced raves with early techno tropes dotted throughout, Kareem is, as the label put it, a ‘flexible shapeshifter’, with a playful and bouncy second original cut closing the EP that weaves through many different moods and shapes — breaky interludes and 90’s rave woops included, natürlich.

Between the two sits our pick: ‘How to Bring Down Your Government‘, which is remixed by Rakim in their Stay At Home Mix. You might want to ignore that title when searching for cuts for the rave though, unless Rakim’s referred-to home is a high-energy dancefloor. Acid takes the centre stage, tastefully paired with subtle breakbeat flavours and finished with a sparing addition of more of those euphoric rave vocal snippets. Worlds away from the dancefloor-turned-ambient remix we anticipated from the title, this cut is to be filed alongside your Ilian Tape, X-Kalay and Planet Euphorique smile-inducers.

Super Illegal’ is out now via RFR Records. Order a copy from Bandcamp


1. Don´t try this at Home
2. How to bring Down Your Government (Rakim´s Stay in Bed Mix)
3. Sidequest