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Tadeo readies ‘Chronicles Of The Future’ for Psyk’s Non Series imprint

Spanish DJ and producer Tadeo, label founder of Cyclical Tracks and Another Intelligence, enters 2016 with a narrative sci-fi techno album ‘Chronicles Of The Future’ scheduled for release on February 12th via Psyk’s Non Series imprint.

‘Chronicles Of The Future’ proceeds the producer previous album ‘Contacto‘, released back in 2008, marking his comeback to the Non Series imprint following Tadeo’s split 4-track 12″ ‘NON12‘ with Echologist.

Tadeo’s second album aims to tell a story, guiding the listener through the obscure path that brings humanity towards the future. Starting with a script, he composed a 10-track soundtrack to his living tale ‘Chronicles Of The Future’, mingling electronic music with classical music, creating almost all sounds from scratch and collocating them into an imaginary 3D orchestra where everything has its own place and space.

“I worked a lot with “the space” in the tracks, trying to place each sound in a particular three-dimensional situation with clean reverbs, also the feeling of “tension” is highly significant in this work, but ultimately the most important thing has been to build on a script written -as I said before- so that the narrative is a fundamental part of the album.”

‘Chronicles Of The Future’ is released on February 12th 2016 via Non Series.


A1 / 1. Sitting In Front Of Oneself. Man against man.
A2 / 2. The Motivation. Man makes machine.
A3 / 3. The Cyborg. The man merges with the technology (development option # 1).
B1 / 4. An Unresolved Question. The machine equals to human.
B2 / 5. The Need Of Development. The machine cloned to itself.
C1 / 6. A New Leader. The machine replaces the man.
C2 / 7. The Need For Transposition. The man versus his psyche.
C3 / 8. The Meta-human. The metaphysical man (development option # 2).
D1 / 9. The Net. The meta-human psyche versus the machine.
D2 / 10. The Big Step. The unified thought (The dawn of the cosmic entity).

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