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Farr Festival x Inverted Audio: Into The Woods With Brian Not Brian

Brian Not Brian is the Irish born, Brixton based wax enthusiast heading up Going Good Records alongside Salik Z. Brian is highly regarded in London and further afield for his encyclopedic knowledge of music. A broad understanding comes through in his mixing and by contributing a multi-genre dynamic to his sets. Brian’s podcast is an eclectic mix brimming with old and new music featuring tracks from Ajukaja & Andrevski, MatthewDavid, DJ Sotofett and many more.

This is my first mix of 2016, recorded with a brand new rotary mixer I nabbed off DJ Fettburger (Thanks bud!). There was no real planning behind it, just a case of “yes, that one’s going on…” when pulling records after the record button had been hit.

I prefer to make loose, freestyle mixes instead of practising the same few records over and over, it feels more natural to me as that’s how I approach a DJ set in a club environment every time, I feel it out as the night progresses.

I like to use mixes and podcasts as a platform to delve a little bit deeper and play things that aren’t affected by the normal constraints of the dance floor. I’m surprised not more DJ’s do this and just stick to playing the latest 10 records they just ordered from the internet or whatever.

Anyway, this one contains the type of music I’d like to hear super super late in the night (or early morning!) in the depths of the forest, you know, barely any light, a throughly “psychedelic” atmosphere going down, just the right group of people suitably open minded and open eared and dancing on the acorns and pine cones until the moody men in hi-vis vests come and move us on while “Rare Birds” is ringing in our ears… Like a free party, but with DISCO… Let’s take this back to Tardree!


1. T.P.O. – Hiroshi’s Dub (Hiroshi’s In Space) – Disorient
2. Timmy Regisford – African Jazz – Shelter
3. Steve Roach – Quiet Friend (@45 RPM) – Fortuna
4. Elias Rahbani & His Orchestra – From The Moon – Voix De L’Orient
5. Gal Costa – Tuareg – Talking Loud
6. Jean-Michel Mignard – Burning In The Sky – F.L.V.M.
7. Indirect – Herb – Diskultura
8. Jimmy Briscoe & The Beavers – Into The Milky Way – Salsoul
9. Masuratti & Huey Harris – Super Duper (Lovin) – Lioness
10. Marcus Miller – Suddenly – Warner Brothers
11. Search – Peanut Butter & Jam – Philly World
12. Christian Clozier – Interlude 1 – Le Chant Du Monde
13. PG Sounds – Untitled – SUED
14. DJ Sotofett – Tribute To “Sore Fingers” – FIT Detroit
15. Christian Clozier – Interlude 2 – Le Chant Du Monde
16. B. Bull – Unreleased Library Edit – CDR
17. MatthewDavid – Untitled Ambient Track From Tour CD – CDR
18. Ajukaja & Andrevski – Rare Birds – Levels

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