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Terre Thaemlitz utilises Bandcamp for old ambient and electroacoustic releases on Comatonse

In a surprise move Terre Thaemlitz has curbed her strict stance against going digital by establishing a Bandcamp page for Comatonse Recordings.

Originally founded in 1993 as the private label for Thaemlitz and her many aliases, Comatonse is dedicated to the production and dissemination of non-categorical contemporary electronic music. The label has since released music from other artists including Erik Dahl, John Cage and Will Long’s recent album ‘Long Trax‘.

The Bandcamp store is strictly limited to digital downloads of old ambient and electroacoustic releases that are either sold out or are not yet in high enough demand for a vinyl repress. The store currently offers six solo releases from Terre Thaemlitz plus ‘A Big 7​-​inch‘ by Chugga, a production trio composed of Jeff Hanes, Lester Fuero and Terre Thaemlitz.

Albums not listed are still in stock via Comatonse. Thaemlitz has also mentioned that she has no plans to sell downloads of out-of-print Comatonse vinyl house releases and “as always, I ask you to help keep audio functioning queerly. Protect the culturally minor. Do not upload.” – Go check out Comatonse Bandcamp.

  • A-Muzak (1999)
  • Chugga: A Big 7-inch (2003)
  • Couture Cosmetique (1997)
  • Love for Sale: Taking Stock in Our Pride (1999)
  • Means from an End (1998)
  • Selling (2003)
  • Soil (1995)

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