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Tirzah shares ‘Hive Mind’ music video directed by Leah Walker and Rebecca Salvadori

Lifted from her forthcoming ‘Colourgrade‘ LP on Domino, today Tirzah shares a music video for ‘Hive Mind‘ directed by long time visual collaborators Leah Walker and Rebecca Salvadori.

Spanning over 10 minutes, the video fuses jovial phone footage of Tirzah and her friends hanging out with slowed down video of butterflies and extracts from live performances. The result is an intimate portrayal of the artists life with family and friends.

‘Colourgrade’ is sscheduled for release 1 October via Domino Recordings. Order a copy from Bleep


1. Colourgrade
2. Tectonic
3. Hive Mind (feat. Coby Sey)
4. Recipe
5. Beating
6. Sleeping
7. Crepuscular Rays
8. Send Me
9. Sink In
10. Hips