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Premiere: Request Lorraine – Diogenes81

Following an EP of abstracted club cuts from Ohad Peleg, Sadan are back with another release from another of the label’s co-founders. Request Lorraine’s ‘Acrylic Honey’ is a different strain of modern dancefloor fare that should stimulate mind and body alike.

The new release is Eric Varshavsky’s second solo EP as Request Lorraine, a project that has often incorporated the sounds of hardcore, hyper-pop, trance and IDM. ‘Acrylic Honey’ follows supercharged compilation appearances for Low Income $quad as well as on Sadan’s ‘Unform’ VA from earlier this year.

While some of the producer’s new release touches on more vivid shades of rave, particularly the title track, much of the release is darker in tone. Our pick is ‘Diogenes81’, industrial techno that remains committed to intricate sound design.

‘Acrylic Honey’ is scheduled for release 17 September via Sadan. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Hidden Elite
2. Diogenes81
3. Vortex Viper
4. Acrylic Honey