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Tomas Svensson releases debut album on Berlin’s Vidab Records

Tomas Svensson has released his debut album ‘Am I Networked’ on Oliver Deutchmann’s and Stephan Hill’s Berlin based label Vidab.

The album covers Svensson’s distinct analogue sound. Finely tuned sequencers and warm drum machines make for a real journey from start to finish.

The second track on the album, ‘Recovering Patterns‘ is just that and can be streamed exclusively here on Inverted Audio via Soundcloud. Gentle rolling synthesiser patterns and chord stabs that progress over a simple, steady rhythm, concluding with a surprising yet pleasant xylophone breakdown. Only a snippet of what you can expect from this 13-tracker.

‘Am I Networked?’ is out now and is available on double LP and digital.


1. Am I Networked
2. Recovering Patterns
3. Transit Highway
4. Engine Bullets
5. Walked Grey
6. Commander Cosmo
7. Perkys Vision (Cd Only)
8. I Can’t Do Any Circus
9. Pumpkin Pad
10. Jupiter
11. Sunportal
12. Healing Releave (Cd Only)
13. Landed On A Desert Planet

Discover more about Tomas Svensson and Vidab on Inverted Audio.