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Toro Y Moi announces Les Sins debut album ‘Michael’ – Watch video ‘Bother’

Les Sins is the dance project of Toro Y Moi’s Chaz Bundick. On 3rd November 2014 he will release his debut 10 track album ‘Michael’ under his Les Sins moniker. Despite only releasing a handful of ‘house’ records as Les Sins, Chaz released two of them on Jialong, the label of Dan Snaith aka Daphni / Caribou as well a 12″ on Carpark Records.

He now returns with his first full length album ‘Michael’, released through Company Records: a new label partnership between Chaz and Carpark Records.

Recorded and written over two years at Bundick’s home studio, the largely instrumental album is inspired by cartoon and movie soundtracks, and explores classic dance and pop music traditions. Michael sees catchy, repetitive vocal hooks gel with beats and synth work influenced by house, techno, French electronic music, and ’90s hip-hop production.

Touchstones like Timbaland, Mr. Oizo, and Daft Punk, and contemporaries such as Motor City Drum Ensemble, offer inspiration, but most influential on the making of the album was the sage advice of a design icon. “My favorite graphic designer, P. Rand always said, ‘Don’t try to be original, just try to be good,’” Bundick says. “When making this record that was/is my mantra – it was just constantly looping in my mind. I believe ‘good’ is timeless and once you can recognize that you’ll see the world in its fullest.”



1. Talk About
2. Past
3. Toy
4. Why [ft. Nate Salman]
5. Bother
6. Minato
7. Bellow
8. Sticky
9. Call
10. Drop
11. Do Right

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